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Becoming our exclusive buyer allows you a better chance to find a unique property as you’ll be getting first exclusive access. The price of off market hotels can be slightly better than public on-market sales, making it easier to find a bargain property.
The Process is quicker because Off-market hotels also tend to sell faster than those that are publicly listed.
Whether you are looking to buy a single hotel or an entire portfolio, we will actively search for the right deal, contacting owners who have not yet put their properties on the market and only present you with details matching your specific requirements.

How to get started:

  • Call or email us to discuss the details and benefits of being an exclusive buyer.
  • As soon as a suitable property is available, we will contact you with all the details.
  • Full details of the property will be sent to you and you may start negotiating to get the best price possible. If one deal doesn’t work out we will keep finding you suitable properties till you are satisfied and have everything you need.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity. Contact us now.